Gift Your Bridal Party Da’VERO’s Handmade Floral Accessories

Among the many important aspects of a wedding, the Bridal Party is essential. Not only is making sure your nearest and dearest are standing by your side on the big day, but ensuring the bridal party’s aesthetic is cohesive with the overall wedding vision is crucial.

Gifting a special DA’VERO piece to each bridal party member is a thoughtful way to give your loved ones a keepsake piece while adding a unique touch to their wedding ensembles. 

DA’VERO’s focus on exceptional handmade accessories expands beyond the bride with handmade designs fit for every member of the bridal party. From elaborately beaded floral Hair Pins to Boutonnières fastened with painted brass flowers, DA’VERO pieces can complete the wedding party look. 

These intricate accessories are a fitting complement to any bride set to make a signature DA’VERO embroidered veil or beaded floral tiara part of her wedding ensemble.

The special pieces are the perfect keepsake of gratitude that your best friends will not only cherish forever but will re-wear and repurpose for many ensembles and occasions to come. 

Floral Hair Accessories

DA’VERO’s offerings of intricately crafted Hair Pins, Hair Combs and Hair Vines will elevate every look to accentuate your bridesmaids’ hairstyles. 

The collection of Flora Hair Pins is a whimsical addition to your best gals’ long-flowing locks. Inspired by spring in Provence, the dainty pins boast delicate brass flowers and leaves in soft pastel tones with subtle touches of gold. The pearl and crystal accents add a touch of sparkle. With translucent resin flowers and crystal and gold leaves, The Claire Hair Pins are a softer, more neutral collection of pins for a simple and elegant accessory for brides. 

For a burst of color and an even bolder choice, The Primavera Hair Pins are a punchy assortment of painted bass flowers and bright beads to add some hue to a wedding party. 

DA’VERO’s Emilia Collection, offered in Hair Combs or Pin styles, all with intricately embroidered and beaded flowers with delicate sprays of faceted crystals and small pearls. 

Keepsake Lapel Pins and Boutonnières

The special accessories don’t stop at hairstyles. DA’VERO’s impressive collection of lapel pins and Boutonnières are one-of-a-kind works of art. A special alternative to the traditional flower, DA’VERO’S crafted pieces are available in various color pallets and materials and are designed to pair well with the Hair Pins, Vines, Combs, and Tiaras in the DA’VERO collection. 

The Calliope Boutonnière is a single flower crafted in beautiful topaz crystals set among brass leaves lightly shaded in white.

To celebrate the best of flora and fauna, The Primavera and Malena Boutonnières are bold options to add some serious style to any outfit. 

The Athena and Valentina Boutonnières are inspired by neutral tones and organic greenery for a more masculine touch. 

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Bespoke Bridal Party Accessories

If you are hoping to achieve a specific vision, the team at DaVERO will work with you to customize your bridal party gifts to your wedding party to help bring a cohesive look to your bridal moment. Just as all of their bridal accessories are fully customizable, the team at DA’VERO will work with you to ensure your bridal party accessories are coordinated with specific colorways, sizes, and styles.

These ornate accessories can also include the flower girls, ring bearers, and parents of the couple. 

The options are endless, and DA’VERO is here to elevate your bridal party aesthetic and create a bespoke selection of accessories to make your wedding day memorable.

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