Da’VERO’s Bespoke Wedding Veils

It can be a tricky process to find that perfect ensemble that evokes your ideal wedding style, your passion for your significant other, and your personality all in one. These days it can be challenging to sift through the countless collections of gowns, suits, veils, jewelry, and more. All to avoid that dreaded moment when the exact same signature statement piece is gracing your Instagram feed.

The solution is simple. Bespoke bridal accessories that can give your wedding look a special touch that is uniquely yours. No one can tell your own story but you and what better way to compliment that uniqueness than with a custom piece that perfectly compliments your gown, your flowers, your wedding party, and elevated the entire look.

The talented creatives at DA’VERO Bridal are working with brides to design tailor-made creations that perfectly suit the vision for the big day.

For the perfect, memorable veil, the team at DA’VERO can customize colors, materials, shape, and size down to the last detail.

We were honored to be featured in Texas Monthly last month by talented writer Sallie Lewis. Her thoughtful interview highlight the truly bespoke wedding experience that Da’VERO’s special pieces provide. Our founder Veronica Prida sat down with Lewis to explore the soul of the Da’VERO creations. Read the full feature HERE.  can offer a truly bespoke wedding experience. 

Explore the possibilities of bridal veil customization below:

Hand EMbroidered Bridal Veils

Da’VERO’s impeccable embroidered details make each of their custom veils a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom to be cherished. 

Customizations can be made to cater to each bride’s needs. Delicate leaves can be added in a pattern that gives a nature-filled feel or for a more ethereal look, swirls of flower-filled vines can create a breathtaking border. The Jackie Wedding Veil is a sophisticated take on the classic with white beaded roses, rosebuds, and leaves. An embellished veil of this kind is just what any bride needs to create a memorable look for the occasion. 

Colorfully Embellished Veils

Add some colorful flair to tradition by adding vibrant hand embroidered flowers to the bridal veil. Da’VERO’s San Antonio Veil draws inspiration from the colors of the city. Hand embroidered blooms in bright hues can be a standout addition to any bridal ensemble. 

Da’VERO’s talented team can assist each bride to select a custom color palette to accommodate any wedding aesthetic. 

Bespoke Bridal Details

The hand embroidery alone makes each Da’VERO veil a cherished heirloom, but Da’VERp can take the important customizations a step further with thoughtful special additions to any part of the wedding day. 

From hand-beaded, personalized motifs to mark the bride and groom’s initials, to a hand-designed touch of something blue, the options for intricate and bespoke details are endless. The team at Da’VERO is happy to consult with any bride and groom to explore the endless options to add exceptional touches.

After all, the little details seem to make the biggest impact.  

Shop the rest of the Da’VERO Fiesta Collection HERE or email daverobridal@gmail.com to inquire about a custom veil. 

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