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A New Twist on Traditional Bridal Elegance

With all the changes that COVID-19 brought to our world, the jewelry and accessories team at After over 30 years of working in haute couture and designing and making beautiful things for major local and cultural events (such as museum galas and San Antonio Fiesta) , it seemed like a natural progression for our expert team to transition into creating beautiful bridal pieces for our clients that offer a unique, new twist on traditional bridal elegance.

Always inspired by nature, each piece represents a unique and romantic point of view, just like our brides. Our goal is to put a fresh spin on traditional head pieces and veils, collaborating with the bride every step of the way. We want to make every bride feel as elegant and luxurious as possible on her big day, and our designs are aimed at helping make that possible.

Each flower is hand embroidered and is usually detailed with elegant touches, like sequins and Swarovski crystals. We are even able to completely customize any piece to make it perfect for that special day. Whether you’re customizing color, shape, or completely creating a unique design, our team can help.

Browse our selection of products on Etsy to find your dream bridal accessory. Let our team help you get the perfect look for your big day and achieve a new twist on traditional bridal elegance!

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